“Aeroclube” top de linha

By: Author Raul MarinhoPosted on

Mais por curiosidade do que por qualquer outro motivo, quem quiser conhecer um “aeroclube” top de linha, sugiro acessar este link para o programa de treinamento de pilotos da EAC-Emirates Aviation College (nota: AED 545mil equivalem a, mais ou menos, R$280mil):

Duration: 17 months
Entry requirements:
  • 17 – 30 years old
  • Hold a High School certificate or equivalent
  • Class I Medical certificate
  • Must pass the following:
    In Dubai – pre-selection process which includes psychotechnical tests, oral & written English exam and personal interview.
    In Lisbon – selection process.
Programme fee: AED 545,000
Programme fee will be inclusive of:
  • Theory & practical modules and sessions
  • Books, materials and handouts
  • Three return tickets between Dubai and Lisbon
  • Visas
  • Full board accommodations in Lisbon

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